How to Draw Manga Anime Boy Male Parted Split Green Hair Three Quarter 3/4 View

In this free art lesson, you’ll learn how to draw a Manga Boy with Parted hair (3/4 view) step-by-step. All of the tutorials on are good drawing tutorials for beginners and experienced artists alike. The online tutorials are easy to follow; they teach you the how to draw basics while showing you how to draw manga step by step. 

To learn how to draw Parted hair, we will be using the Basic Boy Head / Face template that we created in a previous tutorial. Click on the link below to complete the Head and Face drawing first:

After you have your drawing for the Basic Head / Face, follow the step-by-step drawings below to add the Parted hair. The new lines in each step are shown in red, so you’ll know exactly what to draw next. Take your time and draw at your own pace.

Intro: Start off with a pencil sketch. In the beginning stages, don’t press down too hard. For every step, sketch lightly at first so that it’s easy to erase if you make a mistake

Step 1: Start by drawing a long, pointy shape on the top, right side of the manga boy’s head for the first section of the parted hair. Draw this section to the right of the eyes and leave a space between the ear. The shape should be similar to a tall, curved letter V. This represents a big clump of hair. When you draw hair, it is best to draw it as big clumps instead of individual hair strands. The top of this clump should curve in toward the middle of the forehead. Add a short, curved line along the edge of the bald head for the top of the hair clump. Along the inner edge of the clump, draw a smaller V-shaped line for a thinner clump.

Step 2: Draw a similar shape on the top, left side of the head for the other side of the boy’s parted hair. This clump should be made up of a couple of long, V-shaped lines at the bottom and a curved line at the top. Most of this clump should be outside the edge of the head. Make this clump of hair slightly shorter than the clump on the right side. The top of the clump should curve in toward the center of the forehead.

Step 3: At the top, draw a series of lines within the curvature of the previous hair chunks for the boy’s roots and hairline. Curve these lines. The lines near the middle should be longer than the lines on the outer sides. The bottoms of the lines should be the same length to create the hairline above the forehead.  

Step 4: On the right side of the face, draw a couple more long, pointy, V-shaped lines for more clumps of the manga boy’s parted hair. It’s okay if these lines overlap the ear. To the left of the face, draw a smaller, V-shaped line for the tip of a clump on the other side of the head.

How to Draw Manga Anime Boy Male Parted Split Hair Three Quarter 3/4 View 5

Step 5: Above the bald head, draw a long, curved line for the top part of the boy’s parted hair. Follow the curvature of the bald head as you draw this line. Don’t draw this line too far away from the head, otherwise the hair will be too poofy. Near the middle, curve the line downward a bit to emphasize the part in the hair. On the right side, draw an extra jagged line for a small, loose, chunk of hair.

How to Draw Manga Anime Boy Male Parted Split Hair Three Quarter 3/4 View 6

Step 6: Add a few more long, curved lines throughout the shape of the boy’s hair for extra detail on the hair strands. Don’t draw too many of these lines; just a few to give more structure. At the top, draw a few shorter, curved lines to emphasize the part of the hair.  On the bottom, right side, below the ear, draw a series of curved, pointy lines for the tips of the back of the hair peeking from behind the head. The longer you make these lines along the neck, the longer the hair will be. You can also skip the lines below the ear for a shorter hair look.

How to Draw Manga Anime Boy Male Parted Split Hair Three Quarter 3/4 View 7

Step 7: Using a pen or marker, go over the lines to make your manga boy drawing permanent. Ink slowly and carefully to avoid accidents. Don’t ink the parts of the ear that are behind the clumps of hair. If you’d like, you can draw the eyebrow over the hair like in the image or omit everything that is behind the hair. It all depends on personal style. Some manga artists draw the eyebrows over the hair because it’s a bit see-through and others don’t. It’s up to you. After the ink dries, get rid of every pencil mark with an eraser.

How to Draw Manga Anime Boy Male Parted Split Green Hair Three Quarter 3/4 View Last

Final Step: Color your manga boy with parted hair drawing! This drawing was colored digitally but you can achieve the same result using color pencils, markers or crayons! For this look, use light green or yellow-green, color a few streaks across the top of the hair for highlights. Use green for the rest of the hair and don’t overlap the highlights. Use dark green along the top and bottom of the hair for some shadows. Color lightly at first and slowly blend the colors together. For an easier drawing, just color the entire hair a single orange color. You can also use any other color you want. Manga characters are always colorful so use, blue, orange, purple or any other color you want for the hair.  

Use peach for the skin. Use a bit of light brown under the head and parted hair for shadows. Color the irises dark brown at the top and gradually add light brown at the bottom. Using two colors gives the iris a more rounded feel. For a simpler drawing, you can also just use a single color for the iris. You can also use any other color you’d like for the eyes. Don’t overlap the tiny highlight circles inside the eyes as you color the irises.

That’s it! Keep practicing until you get the hair right. Draw it again and again using different colors and eventually you’ll get better! Bookmark this page for different upcoming hairstyles.